Full Send Podcast hosted by NELK's Kyle Forgeard and friends.

Hosted ByKyle Forgeard

Full Send Podcast hosted by NELK’s Kyle Forgeard and friends.

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Tucker Carlson | Ep. 79

Tucker Carlson Exposes Real Alien Evidence and Reveals the Outcome of WW3!

Nelk Boys Internal | Ep. 78

NELK BOYS Reveal Crazy Israel Stories and Talk About Going To Ukraine!

Nelk Boys Internal | Ep. 77

NELK BOYS on Trip to Israel, Super Bowl Parties with Gronk and Lunch with Lil Baby!

Polo G | Ep. 76

Polo G on Why He Unfollowed Gunna and His Dream to Work with Drake!

Michael Rubin | Ep. 75

Michael Rubin on Gambling with Drake, Working with Jay- Z & Partying with Travis Scott

Stephen A. Smith | Ep. 74

Stephen A. Smith on Lebron’s Legacy, Final Moments with Kobe and His Super Bowl Predictions

Nelk Boys Internal | Ep. 73

NELK BOYS on Being Detained in Russia and Hasbulla’s Road Rage!