Build & Launch

A weekly podcast focused on shipping small projects.

Hosted ByJustin Jackson

A weekly podcast focused on shipping small projects.

Every week I’ll take you on an adventure of launching a new project. You’ll hear the launch stats, hurdles I had to overcome, and how you can learn from my mistakes.

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29: EP29: To the future

Justin looks forward to 2016, and talks about the future of the Build & Launch podcast.

28: EP28: Here’s me at 3:49am whispering into my iPhone

Justin finally launched a project he’s been working on since early 2014. It’s something he was embarrassed about: he’d put it on the shelf. But this podcast helped him get motivated to finish it. Learn how the launch went, and his initial numbers.

27: EP27: Looking for that secret sauce

Justin examines how entrepreneurs often try to follow the path of successful people (almost religiously). The hope is that getting the “secret sauce” will help them achieve the same success as their heroes. Is it true?

26: EP26: Holy Bananas

Whoa! It’s new episode. After finishing Season 2, I missed getting on the mic and sharing my product building adventures. So I’m back with a some ideas I’m working on for my current project.

25: EP25: The end is nigh

Join Justin for the last episode of Season 2. What did hear learn while launching one product a week for 8 weeks?

24: EP24: How do we create things people want?

In this episode: three ways to validate your product idea.

23: EP23: Face your fears

The theme for this episode is “facing your fears.”

22: EP22: Get some guts

Justin is trying to build and launch a product every 7 days.