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What Happens if Biden WIns? San Fran Sick Values Spread Through America

Feinstien disparaged for showing class. Trump is not Jesus. Robert Reich wants re-education camps. Podcast coming at the end of the year. Xenon novel explains what is happening in the world today. What happens if Biden wins, Harris has the power, you will get San Francisco values, where is the nationalist we need? Toobin now an adjective, how does he recover from this. Money being made by campaign is astronomical. have no core beliefs. Trump shouldn’t debate. What do you think of when you hear the name of a country? Why is the Pope trying to overturn centuries of church doctrine? Mouthwash can kill Covid, General fired for using racial slur. Our military is not what it was. “Toobining” is becoming common on Zoom. Lenny Bruce’s tattoo.

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