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We try our best to help you get your ass out of bed by poking fun at pretty much everything that’s going on around us. If you are easily offended – take caution – no one is safe from Dave & Chuck the Freak’s wrath.

Wednesday, April 13th 2022 Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about common sex dreams people have,               show chaos when Dave isn’t here, the passing of Gilbert Gottfried, not-so exciting Kevin Federline news, a guy that got a dumb bell stuck up his butt, man lost hearing after cockroach crawled in his ear at a hotel, a house for sale with a tenant living in the basement, weird discoveries you’ve made, a guy that tried to run people over at Burger King drive-thru, doctors warning people not to try viral TikTok pregnancy test hack, a little League umpire attacked by a team’s coach, predications for future dating trends, a CEO buying strippers with company money, a thief busted when they stopped for gas, and more!

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