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Was The Election Stolen Using Voting Machines Owned By Big Dems?

Media embarrassed themselves by crying over Biden win. Biden will do Pelosi bidding, work on climate change. Who was in Biden’s imaginary cabinet. A Biden will will leave us bitterly divided. He has no mandate. Teddy coming home to hailstorm, remembered time in Europe that hailstorm fell on me. Hail is a bad omen. Dems stole election, but life won’t be that much different. Reads from 1963 journal about hailstorm. There’s a power structure in every nation, This is like Bush in the year 2000, The 1919 World Series was fixed by gangsters, elections can be too. Stalin said those who count the votes matter more than the votes., Vaccine announced today, couldn’t announce last week? Difference between this election and the 2000 election

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