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Dr. Michael Savage is a multimedia icon in the conservative movement, heard by 10 million listeners a week on “The Savage Nation”.


The world is now at a breaking point, and Dr. Savage has been trying to get the truth out for decades… Now, more than ever, his words need to be heard. War rages in Europe, and all the media want to focus on is “Putin bad, Zelensky good” when there is runaway inflation, worldwide famine on the horizon and a US President shaking hands with the air… How can this go on?

Dr. Savage and Col. Douglas Macgregor continue their discussion and talk about why Russia is losing so many Generals in combat, what we SHOULD be doing about Ukraine, and how our Military Industrial Complex is prolonging this war in PART 2 of their great interview.

Then, we go back to the days of The Savage Nation radio program where in April of 2019, Dr. Savage addressed the real Ukraine scandal: Biden’s son, Hunter, who was appointed to the board of a Ukraine energy company in exchange for a billion dollar loan from the US gov when his father was VP. The left was focused on the “scandal” of the Trump phone call with Ukraine, when the real scandal is one associated with the Bidens. In that same show, Dr. Savage played a clip from May 12 2014, When the Ukraine Scandal involving the Bidens was happening… Dr. Savage’s prophetic insights should have been taken seriously back then, and his insights into what is happening now may save this nation… even the world.

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