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Vaccine Czar Makes Millions Based on False Data

Obama’s back, and he’s still pushing racial disparity regarding the pandemic; Scandal involving the new ‘Vaccine Czar’; Science will never be the same after the pandemic as too many people are now questioning what science tells them creating confusion and anger; The libs of today are not the libs of JFK’s time, they’re not for freedom. They have done what a military attack could not, take away our rights without firing a shot; Bernie Sanders using the pandemic to push communism. sticking to his usual script of class warfare and universal healthcare; California Gov. Newsom wants a bailout. Savage says Trump shouldn’t bail out the states; Lockdowns based on false data; Academic epidemiologists should be defunded; Special audio from Savage speaking at the University Club from October 2019; Alan Dershowitz pushes the government can make a Covid vaccine mandatory.

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