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We try our best to help you get your ass out of bed by poking fun at pretty much everything that’s going on around us. If you are easily offended – take caution – no one is safe from Dave & Chuck the Freak’s wrath.

Tuesday, October 11th 2022 Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about things you shouldn’t brag about online, Neil deGrasse Tyson ruined the Top Gun Maverick movie, the 5 scariest movies according to experts, a guy stabbed choked & tied up by his tinder date, a dude that stole $10K from his own mother to buy model trains, trouble at a nursing home that had strippers entertain seniors, firefighters under investigation after a bikini clad stripper seen leaving a fire truck, stripper gone wrong moments, a father that blindly followed his GPS off a bridge, a massive brawl at a Hooters over chocolate bars, a woman that was scammed by an online lover claiming to be a Russian cosmonaut, “Bucket Bunnies” going after emergency line workers, roller coasters triggering the new iPhone crash detection, and more!

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