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We try our best to help you get your ass out of bed by poking fun at pretty much everything that’s going on around us. If you are easily offended – take caution – no one is safe from Dave & Chuck the Freak’s wrath.

Tuesday, February 25th 2020 Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about mayo slices is now a thing, a guy who got his vehicle back from a mechanic with mystery miles and dirty panties inside, Steven Spielberg’s daughter is getting into porn, a senior citizen that led cops on a 15 mile slow speed chase, a Renaissance Festival participant that flashed a crowd in a kilt, an injured jogger had to crawl 6 miles in freezing temps to call for help, a house fire started when the owner was heating up Oreo cookies, doctors warning against using potatoes to cure hemorrhoids, senior surfer that survived a shark attack by punching it in the face, two car thieves busted because by potato wedges, a guy that found a 70-pound bee hive underneath his shed, and more!

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