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We try our best to help you get your ass out of bed by poking fun at pretty much everything that’s going on around us. If you are easily offended – take caution – no one is safe from Dave & Chuck the Freak’s wrath.

Tuesday, February 12th 2019 Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a cab driver that saved an elderly woman from a “grandparent” scam, the most culturally significant dick pic scandals, a prison nurse that murdered her husband so she could marry an inmate she fell in love with, a guy that gives himself poop facials, new rage yoga that involves cursing while doing yoga poses, an invention that lets you press a button to tell your partner you’re in the mood to get-it-on, a stoner that broke into an abandoned home to smoke weed and found a tiger, polar bears searching for food are invading a town in Russia, a kid that built a robotic prosthetic arm out of Legos, the best spot to pick someone up at a grocery store, and more!

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