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Trump Kills Iran’s Terror Masterminds

President Trump took out what amounts to aterror mastermind, who was at the heights of the Iranian Government and hadbeen responsible for hundreds if not thousands of American deaths. He wasthe equivalent in rank to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs in America. He hadjust been responsible for an attack on the US Embassy in Iraq. And he wasplanning more attacks.But the left in this country and around the world are morning this terrorist inchief. CBS News this morning praised him as a “military genius,” “revered,”and “a war hero.” Many on other networks blamed President Trump forescalating tensions in the Middle East, and called this “an assassination.”

Jack Carr, former Navy Seal and author of the upcoming book Savage Son, joins to discuss the strike against Iran and what our foreign policy in that region has been over the years.

Donald Bramer, founder and chairman of Bramer Group, joins to discuss political implications of Trump’s strike against Iran. Bramer is a veteran of both combat and Capitol Hill having served the offices and campaigns of U.S. senator Mitch Mcconnell at both the state and national levels.

To read Savage’s commentary on Newsmax:

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