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To Destroy Trump, They’re Willing to Destroy America; The Lockdown Hoax

May 6, 2020 – Stephen Moore, Trump Economic Adviser, joins to discuss the President’s plan to rebuild the economy; San Francisco health department giving homeless people free hotel rooms and drugs; Headlines from; Pelosi wants more money in a massive virus bill; China buying up America’s food supply; We used to question authority in America; Real racists are those using race to get what they want; Coronavirus is real, the hype of the response is made up, likely as political stunt; A small group of mandarins have seized control of 330 million people; Fauci is a fraud, how is Trump still listening to him? Dallas salon owner sentenced to 7 days in jail and fined for opening her salon, defying orders; SWAT team used to break up bar goers in Texas; San Francisco repeating history – anti-mask league of 1918.

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