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The Dam Has Been Broken

During Obama’s reign Savage penned a prophetic book entitled “Trickle Down Tyranny”. In its first chapter he wrote the script for a President who could save our country. That President came along in the person of Trump, followed the script to the best of his ability, and almost saved us. In the last chapter Savage also predicted exactly what would happen without such a president “… a gradual habituation of the people to being GOVERNED BY SURPRISE, receiving decisions deliberated in secret, to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information the people could not understand…” Precisely what we have under Biden. 

Biden pushes vaccine mandates even a major study proves vaccine-related heart problems in teenage boys. General Milley who led a coup against Trump has Biden’s “full confidence.” Biden with Milley’s help kills 10 innocent Afghanis, including seven beautiful children, in a misguided drone strike. In Biden we have white trash running America. No principles, no honor, out only for himself and his grifter family.

Omar the Terrible uses her third-world logic to ignore Congress and jam through amnesty. Haitians magically traverse Mexico to mass on our southern border. CA’s Gov Newsom kills single family zoning laws in a bid to bring the third world to our suburbs. SF Mayor parties unapologetically without mask. Meanwhile Pelosi hides overseas in England, Biden hides by the sea in Delaware. These days it’s looking like you CAN fool all of the people all of the time, at least in California. 

By the grace of God Trump is still on the scene and has the courage to tell it like it is: “Our nation is becoming cesspool of humanity.” 

No wonder the dam has broken!

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