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The Covid Plague – How is it affecting your life?

Biden got vaccine info before Trump admin. Georgia Dem Warnok’s mentor called for the destruction of everything white. Dr/ Fauci is a Frankenstein, Savage reads from Albert Camus’ The Plague. Where did the real men go, and how did we turn into this. Looting and rioting is being glorified. Biden is one of the greatest tricks played on America. Christiane Amonpour praised Clinton’s bombing of Serbia and giving away Kosovo. CNN should be ashamed of comparing Trump to Kristallknacht. How can Biden run the country. What will happen if we have a tied Senate. The Socialists will take over. 16 Republican women are now in congress. Progressives do not have a mandate. Trump haters threatening his supporters will not get away with it. Big Tech horrible for the health of this democracy. wont take the vaccine, health has always been used to control social control. Does it worry you that the military is delivering the vaccine?

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