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RUSSIA’S WAR in Ukraine: Will it end May 9th? What is Putin’s end game?

What is the significance of May 9th for Putin? Will this date mark the end of the war in Ukraine? Why is the Donbas region so vital to Putin and the world at large? Listen to Savage’s interview with Russian born Rebekah Koffler who approaches Putin with the understanding only a native could provide. On the eve of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Koffler, Chief Intelligence Officer, Doctrine & Strategy Consulting Strategic Intelligence Analyst, The Lindsey Group, published an ominous warning to the West in Putin’s Playbook. Koffler predicted that Putin was orchestrating a wide-ranging campaign to retake his country’s role as a super-power, and to defeat America in the process. Today, Koffler gives an unbiased, sober-minded analysis on what’s really happening in Ukraine. Koffler does not mince words, and chastises the cheerleaders and the superficial pundits stoking the flames of war on mainstream news outlets.

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