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We try our best to help you get your ass out of bed by poking fun at pretty much everything that’s going on around us. If you are easily offended – take caution – no one is safe from Dave & Chuck the Freak’s wrath.

Monday, August 15th 2022 Dave & Chuck the Freak Podcast

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a road construction crew that discovered mastodon bones, celebrities starting to charge people for selfies, Michelle Branch arrested for attacking her husband Patrick Carney, wholesome stories from encounters with celebrities, guy gets called out for leaving dog poop so HE POOPS on the grass, a dude trying to steal from a church got sprayed by a skunk, a man dies from snake bite after traveling to brothers funeral who died of a snake bite, the show voice guy had a bizarre moment at the gym that went viral, guy hospitalized with a brain bleed after he took last beer from friends fridge, meteor crash in Utah creating sonic boom, a man that attacked three people with a machete at a sporting goods store, a bear rescued after eating hallucinogenic honey and more!

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