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From the Japanese Internment of WWII to the Martial Law Lockdowns of Today

Looking back at the attack on Pearl Harbor during WWII and at the same time looking ahead to where we are in 2020; Japanese internment camps during that time racist or justified? Lockdowns are a form of martial law; California entering another harsh lockdown period; How history will judge the lockdowns; Millennials don’t know WWII happened, all they care about is being an influencer and what their abs look like; Savage predicts there will be censorship on every platform within the next year; Obama and Dems pushing for the Georgia runoff election to go their way so they can go in as radical a direction as they want; Savage talks about his Presidio Trust appointment and what he’s working to accomplish; Fauci still trying to cancel Christmas, talking about further Covid spikes after Thanksgiving; ICU capacity should be expanded in Dem controlled states to help lessen lockdowns.

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