Follow Him: A Come, Follow Me Podcast

Hosted ByHank Smith & John Bytheway

Do you ever feel that preparing for your weekly Come, Follow Me lesson falls short? Join hosts Hank Smith and John Bytheway as they interview experts to make your study for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Come, Follow Me course not only enjoyable but original and educational. If you are looking for resources to make your study fresh, faithful, and fun--no matter your age--then join us every Wednesday morning.

Follow Him Podcast: Doctrine & Covenants 85-87 Part 1 : Dr. Ken Alford

Will members receive revelation for those outside of their stewardship? Who is the one “Great and Mighty” mentioned in this week’s lesson? Join Dr. Kenneth Alford as he shares what it means to “steady the ark,” as well as teaching how the early Saints learned about personal revelations, corporeal revelation, and the “unspeakable gift’ of the Holy Ghost. The Saints are living through persecution and hear the rumors of war. This week’s lesson applies to each member as we live in a time of tribulations and learn to listen to the voice of the Lord.


“Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise” by Marshall McDonald

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