Follow Him: A Come, Follow Me Podcast

Hosted ByHank Smith & John Bytheway

Do you ever feel that preparing for your weekly Come, Follow Me lesson falls short? Join hosts Hank Smith and John Bytheway as they interview experts to make your study for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Come, Follow Me course not only enjoyable but original and educational. If you are looking for resources to make your study fresh, faithful, and fun--no matter your age--then join us every Wednesday morning.

Follow Him Podcast: Doctrine & Covenants 51-57 : Dr. Maclane Heward Part I

Are members required to live the Law of Consecration now? Dr. Maclane Heward joins John and Hank to discuss righteous stewardship, Zion, and how our covenants prepare us to meet the Savior. You will learn to love Edward and Lydia Partridge as much as Hank and Dr. Heward after listening to this episode. Also, we learn about Lucy Mack Smith as a powerful leader and a bold witness. This story is not to be missed.

Show notes:

  • 00:00  Introduction to the Podcast
  • 01:32 Introduction to Dr. Maclane Heward
  • 03:33 The Saints Move from NY to Ohio
  • 05:06 Temple Covenants Help Us Prepare to Meet the Lord and Consecration Examples (Good and Bad) 
  • 08:14 Section 37 is the Saints Asking for Clarification Regarding Moving Again
  • 10:38 A Lesser Noticed Parable in the D&C
  • 13:20 Edward Partridge is a “Man Without Guile”
  • 14:20  Backstory about Edward Partridge by Dr. Heward
  • 16:20  Taking Offense on Someone Else’s Behalf (Who isn’t Offended) Can Lead to Murder Attempt of Joseph
  • 18:35  We Don’t Get Zion, We Build It
  • 20:15 Consecration is Given By Invitation
  • 26:56 The Colesville Branch Stays Together From New York to Utah
  • 31:30 Lucy Mack Smith Saves Her Company and Preaches the Gospel like a Lion
  • 37:39 The Importance of Mothers
  • 46:23 The Structures in Place to Help the Poor
  • 49:05  Bishop Partridge Is Told How to Administer Property and Land
  • 52:16 The Difficulty of Expression Through Writing but the Importance of Keeping Records
  • 55:25 The Meaning of Wants and Needs
  • 01:01:37 Leman Copley Returns to the Shakers and Kicks Members Off His Land
  • 01:08:32 The Saints Learn in Their Very Short Time in Ohio
  • 01:15:57 End of Part I

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