Follow Him: A Come, Follow Me Podcast

Hosted ByHank Smith & John Bytheway

Do you ever feel that preparing for your weekly Come, Follow Me lesson falls short? Join hosts Hank Smith and John Bytheway as they interview experts to make your study for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Come, Follow Me course not only enjoyable but original and educational. If you are looking for resources to make your study fresh, faithful, and fun--no matter your age--then join us every Wednesday morning.

Follow Him Podcast: Doctrine & Covenants 27-28 : Dr. Kerry Muhlestein Part II

Dr. Kerry Muhlestein continues to discuss the restoration of the New and Everlasting Covenant, and they discuss the importance of personal revelation and corporal revelation. Hiram Page (who marries a Whitmer) has proclaimed he is having revelations for the entire Church. Emma’s confirmation is disturbed by riotous crowds, and the Joseph Smith Translation begins with Moses 1. The JST process is vastly different from the Book of Mormon translation and the word transformation (think: transfiguration). Join us as we discuss the sacrament, the Abrahamic Covenant, revelation, transformation, and how the Tabernacle Choir can be like a seer stone.


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