BFFs Podcast with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry

Hosted ByDave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry

The unlikely trio of Josh Richards, Dave Portnoy & Brianna Chickenfry team up to talk all things pop culture, celebrities, influencers & TikTok. You never know what to expect from this trio from breaking entertainment news to generational differences, they’re sure to make you laugh while keeping you up to date.


We are back after a week off and we lead off the show with the tragic passing of Cooper Noriega. You can find all the info about the mental health Discord he started and his family is continuing on the page “Cooper’s Advice” here:

We then get into headlines talking about Lil Huddy deleting pictures with Landon Barker after he is spotted leaving a show with Charli D’Amelio and Britney Spears having her wedding and her ex-husband crash it.

The show is then quickly derailed after Dave gives the double bird salute after not being able to bring two extra guests to the Hampton’s White Party, and a debate about whether or not Miley Cyrus’ version of “Like A Prayer” is better than Madonna’s, leading to a 10 minute tangent of watching both performances in full.

We pick the pod back up with Justin Bieber sharing he has Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, Sony Execs being trolled into re-releasing Morbius, a couple hiring Minnie and Mickey instead of giving food at their wedding, Ryan Gosling’s look for the upcoming Barbie movie, Mike Majlak buying a house with an NFT, and Squid Games 2 getting announced.

We finish the pod with BFFs Corner where Nessa approved of Josh and Grace’s closure walk, Josh and Nessa following each other on all social media, whether or not Nessa was spotted taking Josh’s dog Buddy for a drive, Jackson Mahomes agreeing to come on BFFs, Bri having her first live show, O’Malley getting cancelled by Millie Bobby Brown stans, and end with some videos to react to.

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